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Susana Pinto

Bridal week 2017: Naeem Khan

Fechamos estas quartas-feiras de deleite feito de alta costura, com o backstage da apresentação de Naeem Khan… ufa!


“Kaftans, sequins, gypsy embroidery, and a finale gown in black, we found ourselves in the midst of a collection unlike anything we’d ever seen. Not least of all, because the detail and technique involved in each piece was so unbelievably exquisite, it felt more akin to art. Only entirely wearable. And as their creator, there’s this beautiful sense when talking to Naeem, of someone who is so appreciative of this craftsmanship, of the work involved in bringing each piece to life, his vision for each gown translated and realised through a team of artisans, each weaving their magic. Stepping backstage this year was absolutely stepping outside of the box – and stepping into another world, witnessing first hand a collection that surprised and moved you, exactly as art should.”












Acompanhem o desfile completo e a reportagem aqui.



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